MUST READ: Top 5 Wealth Secrets of the Woman Who Retired at 28 with $2 Million in the Bank!

While many of us work every single day in hopes of a brighter future for our children and to earn enough for our retirement sometime in our 60s, there are those who are enjoying the fruits of their labors as early as in their 20s! Isn’t that incredible?

JP Livingston is among these young ‘retirees’. What’s even more incredible is that Livingston is from New York City, a city known for its very expensive cost of living! So, how did she manage to save up enough money and have the courage to retire at 28 years old to live her dream of enjoying her life without needing to work at all?

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Well, she actually had a good job to begin with – and that’s where most of her money came from. But how she managed her expenses and used the earnings she got from her job is simply amazing – and coming from someone who lives in New York City? That’s truly something!

Secret #1 Saving 70% of Her Income and Investing Most of the Money

Many of us can’t even save the recommended 20% of our respective incomes yet Livingston was so determined to retire early that she put away 70% of her income! She makes around $100,000 annually in a senior position at financial firm – and her savings easily translate to $70,000 a year!

But just saving that money won’t give you a lot of returns because everyone knows that banks only give a small interest on your money! With wise investments, Livingston was able to grow her money exponentially.

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