Tokyo-based Designer Gives ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters an 80s-90s Makeover

A Tokyo-based designer, Mike Wrobel, was inspired by the popular TV series and novel, Game of Thrones and created an 80s-90s version of the characters.

Mike Wrobel is a French designer who moved to Tokyo in 2008. He had gotten tired and sick of the French attitude of complaining and decided that he needed a change of environment. Now he is working independently, managing his own design company, Moshi Studios.

His versions of ‘Game of Thrones’ characters became so popular that merchandise have been created with the designs. They are found on smartphone cases, shirts, hoodies, and even postcards. Turns out his decision to move to Tokyo was a good one.

Jon Snow

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Photo credit: Buzzfeed

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