Toddler Nearly Dies From Eating Battery

One-year-old boy Ollie Lenon from Worthing, West Sussex in England were at home with his parents when he started vomiting black liquid. While he cannot keep anything, doctors thought that it might be a case of asthma or a childhood barking cough. His parents, Chrissy and Elliot, became so terrified when he vomited four times in an hour.

They called up the NHS advice line and a doctor from the Worthing Hospital called back after 15 minutes and advised them to closely observe the boy. The following morning, however, the boy has gotten worse.

Meanwhile, 29-year-old mom Chrissy just started a diet and went to the bathroom to weigh herself, but, apparently, the scale did not work. She looked underneath and discovered that one of the button batteries was missing.

Image from PA Real Life

This is when she made the connection and immediately brought the baby boy to the hospital where an x-ray showed that Ollie swallowed the battery.

Wasting no time, the doctors performed surgery on Ollie which they would normally do to someone his age. At first, they could not remove the battery which was lodged in the lower part of his throat but the surgeons were able to reach and remove it. However, the battery has already corroded and the medics are afraid that the acid has burned his insides.

As his situation got worse, little Ollie was brought to another hospital to undergo a heart and lung bypass, after waking up from an induced coma. The second surgery was needed after doctors found a hole in his trachea which caused his left lung to collapse.

Image from PA Real Life

The baby was given a one in 10 chance of survival.

Finally, after seven hours of pacing the corridors of the hospital, they received a good news that Ollie made it. After almost spending two months in the hospital, he was finally allowed to go home.

Source: Mirror