This Guy Makes Low-Cost Cosplay Costumes Using Ordinary Objects… And They’re All Hilarious! ROFL at #23

Cosplay costumes can be quite expensive, especially if you go for the more complicated characters – but one cosplayer, nicknamed the “Cosplay Guy” shares his tricks in making low-cost costumes of various animated and cartoon characters using stuff you readily have at home. But don’t be too serious about this because his creations are the most hilarious costumes you’ll find on Earth!

In other words, the costumes are nowhere as amazing as the real ones but considering that you will be able to make them with things you have lying around the house, there’s really no need to complain at all.

Now, take a look at some of the hilarious creations this funny guy managed to make and share on the web. I think I like the Titanic movie poster best!

He nailed this Titanic poster!

Photo credit: 9GAG
Photo credit: 9GAG

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