This Guy Created Hilarious Parodies of Female Celebrity Photos… You’ll Love #7

A lot of celebrities are on Instagram – and it is often seen as a good way for them to connect with their fans, allowing them to post updates without fans waiting for the latest magazine editions featuring their favorite stars.

But while there are a lot of awesome photos that these stars have shared on social media, there are also those that certainly made the internet laugh – while some of these photos were intentionally funny, others weren’t meant to be funny but ended up being converted into memes.

This could be one of the main reasons why Instagram user @waverider_ decided to spoof some of these well-known celebrity photos. Some of the photos were hilarious to begin with – and this guy actually nailed a lot of these snapshots – while some were pretty serious but he managed to turn into something funny. LOL.

Check out these hilarious parodies of female celebrities by @waverider_

I think Ellen doesn’t mind being spoofed…

Photo credit: Instagram/@waverider_
Photo credit: Instagram/@waverider_

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