These Food Samples from Japan are So Realistic You Might Want to Eat Them! Awesome Craftsmanship… #7 is Unbelievable!

While there’s fake food in China that you shouldn’t really be eating, you will also find mouthwatering samples in Japan that are so amazingly real that you might be tempted to eat them!

The difference between these two is that the foods being sold in China are fake ones marketed as the real thing while the ones from Japan are really just samples that would give you a glimpse of what you should expect from the food they are about to serve you – so you wouldn’t have to try hard to decipher the dishes on the menu, imagining how they might look like based on their names.

Check out these amazingly realistic foods in Japan. Truly, these are works of people with great skills!

Photo credit: Messy Nessy
Photo credit: Messy Nessy

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