These Dogs Prove that Friendship Knows No Boundaries

Oranit Kittragul from Thailand shares this story of friendship between two dogs separated by a fence.

Oranit owns a dog—a yellow Labrador named Messy. Another dog lives on the same street with Oranit and Messy, a husky named Audi. He is often alone in the yard, as his owner is usually at work, and this would make Audi cry and become anxious.  When this happens, Oranit would tell Messy to go to Audi to ease his loneliness. This went on for about a year and the two dogs developed a close friendship with a fence between them and without seeing each other.

One day, Messy and Audi had the chance to see each other when Audi’s owner forgot to latch the gate to his yard. Audi immediately seized the opportunity to finally meet and see Messy so he ran towards the other side of the street where Messy is staying.

Image from Today

Oranit was surprised to see Audi perched upon her fence. The two dogs hugged each other—a scene which Oranit has luckily captured in a photo and posted on the social media.

Image from Today

Messy’s owner, however, revealed that Audi and her dog has yet to have the chance to get together and play with each other.

Source: Today