These Cake Decorators Received the Most Specific Instructions… But Managed to Still Fail the Job so Massively! #11 is Unbelievable!

While it is true that creating cakes can be a very difficult job, some cake decorators really have a simple job when they already have ready-made cakes to simply write on. There are times, however, when things go wrong and they fail their job so massively that you’d surely be scratching your head in wonder as to how they could fail when the instructions are so specific?

Of course, there have surely been a lot of cake fails due to customers being too vague about their order but when they give the most specific instructions, you’d surely think the job will be done correctly!

Take for example these epic fails – I surely wonder whether the cake decorators realized they botched the job before the customers found it…

She gave him a flash disk where he could get the photo for the cake… And got this, instead!

Photo credit: Viral Nova
Photo credit: Viral Nova

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