These are the World’s Creepiest Cakes… But They’re Absolutely Awesome!

A 30-year-old nurse from upstate New York has turned her artistic skills into a hobby (and business!) that brings macabre hospital humor into the table – and its gaining mixed reactions across the internet.

Katherine Dey is not just a nurse, she’s also a very talented artist. The combination turns out to be perfect because she makes cakes that are so unique you might want to order some; although most of her creations look so realistic that it might repulse your guests.

You see, Dey actually makes disgusting-looking cakes – yet it is in these creepy cakes that she’s making a name for herself. After all, she could create real-looking critters, animals, and even human body parts! In fact, she created a heart cake – and not the cutesy heart cake you often see in bakeries but a replica of the human heart with all its gory details (and complete with blood!). Ewwwwwwww!

Dey has also received significant backlash over her baby cakes and human head cakes because people on the internet think these creations are borderline cannibalism. Hmmmmm. What do you think?

Check out some of Dey’s elaborate designs and tell us whether you think they are amazing or creepily disgusting…

Let’s start with this cockroach cake…

Photo credit: Facebook/Katherine Dey Art
Photo credit: Facebook/Katherine Dey Art

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