TEST: Can You Guess These Celebrities’ Jobs Before They Became Famous?

It’s amazing how many of the world’s most famous personalities actually came from humble beginnings – even the Duchess of Cambridge was a ‘commoner’ before she married Prince William! And William’s mom, Princess Diana, was also a ‘commoner’ before marrying Prince Charles!

But on this list, we’re not taking up royalty; instead, we will ask you to try and guess what these fourteen celebrities did for a living before they became famous…

These Hollywood stars show us that being poor and working on a really boring, ‘ordinary’ job should not be a hindrance for us to dream big because you never really know when your luck will change and you will land the job you’ve always been dreaming about!

Let’s start with Nicole Kidman. Can you guess her job before she became a Hollywood star?

Photo credit: Bright Side ME
Photo credit: Bright Side ME

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