19 Creepy Images That Will Make You Shiver. #4 Is Unbelievably Strange.

Do you remember that one ghastly picture you’ve only seen once and took you forever to forget? That picture which brings chills down your spine and made you regret ever looking at it. I’m pretty sure, if not all of us, at least many of us have had that experience.

A haunting photo of a ghostly apparition, some creepy images of real and not-so-real events, and different stories to tell: they all bring one thing in common — a terrifying feeling.

Look closely at the photo. Do you see anything at the window?

Photo Credit: offbeat.topix.com
Photo Credit: offbeat.topix.com

Here are 19 of the most frightening pictures that may want you keep the lights on when you sleep. Only the brave may stare.
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