Teens Felt Guilty After Stealing a Bike, Return it to the Owners

Mel Flesher and her partner worked hard to get their bike in good condition so they could use it to teach their kids how to ride one. Unfortunately, it went missing after someone took it from where it was stored.

Image from the Facebook account of Mel Flesher

She posted about the incident over at Facebook and asked everyone to keep an eye out for it.

To her amazement, her post was apparently seen by the same persons who stole the bike. They returned the bike with a full tank and a new bike lock. Not only that, the culprits, which Mel later found out to be teenagers, also wrote a note apologizing for what they have done.

The note states that they figured out that the bike belonged to some teenager who may have outgrown the bike, though they themselves do not find it as an excuse for them to take the bike. They saw Mel’s Facebook post and knew immediately that they need to return it to its owner.

Image from the Facebook account of Mel Flesher

They also bought a new set of bike lock to replace the old one they broke when they stole the bike and advised to take the key inside with them, so the same accident will not happen again.

The teenagers also regret the heartbreak that Mel’s son must have felt after discovering that his bike went missing.

Mel described the teenagers’ action as awesome and thanked them for doing the right thing. She said that they sounded like good kids. They have forgiven them and hoped that they learned a lesson from that experience.