Teenager Forgot Where He Parked His Car, Found It Three Days Later

Gavin Strickland, a 19-year-old teenager from Syracuse, New York, traveled 250-mile to Toronto to see a Metallica concert.

However, when the show ended, he could not remember where he parked his blue-green Nissan Verda Sedan.

Image from MSN

He spent the night wandering around the city in an attempt to remember the place where his car was parked.

Gavin said, that he thought it was not a big deal, at first, but realized later on that he might never see his car again.

He finally gave up and called his parents in Syracuse. After reporting Gavin’s missing vehicle to the Toronto police, his parents thought of asking for the public’s assistance in looking for the said car through the classifieds website, Craigslist.

Image from MSN

The advertisement they posted stated that Gavin could only remember the nearby landmarks such as a Starbucks, a building construction site, a bank, and a spiral outdoor structure.

Luckily, Toronto resident Madison Riddolls found Gavin’s car.

When he received the news, Gavin rode a bus going to Toronto to pick up his car and rounded up his ordeal which he now considers as a “one, big oops.”

As a reward for finding Gavin’s car, Madison received $100 and another $100 as a donation to her chosen charity.

Source: MSN