Teen on Field Trip Unexpectedly Finds Dad in Prison, Earns Praise for Respectful Reaction

A teenager who was just having a field trip with classmates to a prison facility discovered that his dad was there. Instead of feeling ashamed that his father is in jail, the teen’s respectful reaction earned him much praise on social media.

The story was shared on Facebook by Arom Khunmoung, the young man’s teacher.

According to the teacher, while they were visiting a jail facility in Rayong province, Thailand, he noticed one of the students crying silently while staring at a prisoner who was standing from afar. When he looked at the man, he was rather surprised to see that he was also crying.

Photo credit: Arom Khunmoung / Facebook

Teacher, that’s my dad,” the boy answered when the teacher asked why he was crying. “I’m very shocked [to see him].

So, Khunmoung asked if he wanted to talk to his dad. He quickly arranged with the jail warden for the two to talk when the boy confirmed.

They ran into each other’s arms in tears. The father kept kissing his son while saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I miss you. When I leave this place, I will be a good person,’” Khunmoung shared.

Photo credit: Arom Khunmoung / Facebook

The teacher did not share why the teen’s dad is in prison but everyone was impressed with the son’s actions afterwards.

Are you ashamed of me? Are you embarrassed because your friends see that I’m in prison?” the prisoner asked his son.

Quickly getting down on his knees and bowing before his father, the teen replied, “No, I’m not ashamed at all.

Khunmoung said that the dad had been convicted but hopes he would be out of jail soon so he could spend more time with family. The dad promises to be a better person for his kids.

Photo credit: Arom Khunmoung / Facebook

This father-and-son will serve as an example to those who still have freedom… Show your love while you still have the chance,” Khunmoung advised.

Sources: Arom Khunmoung / Facebook, NextShark