Teacher May Never Walk Again After Saving Other People

A 32-year-old music teacher was hailed a hero after his quick actions spared the lives of a group of cyclists, as the back wheel of his motorbike skidded.

Chris Toon was heading towards Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, England and was coming up to a blind bend so he slowed down. That’s when his back wheel started to fish tail and he was dragged onto the other side of the road. As soon as he got round the corner, he noticed that there were about 12 cyclists in front of him so he decided to fling himself to a ditch and his bike went over the hedge.

He fell down a 30-foot drop passing through branches, rocks, and trees. He heard his back snap as soon as he landed.

Image from Mirror

The cyclists went down to help him and thanked him for sacrificing his life for their safety.

Chris was then airlifted to Coventry Hospital where he went under a major spinal surgery. A week later, he was transferred to another hospital where he was also operated to put eight pins and two rods in his back as braces for his vertebrae.

Image from Mirror

He broke more than 30 bones, punctured both lungs, and became paralyzed as a result of the accident.

Chris said that he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he hurt someone else.

A crowdfunding page set up by Chris’ friends has raised £11,895 to help buy a specialist wheel chair for him. Fundraising activities such as cake sales, concerts, and marathons were held to help cover the cost of Chris’ recovery after rehabilitation.

Source: Mirror