These Tattooed Parents and Their Babies Look Extremely Adorable

Tattoos used to have a bad reputation and are linked to offensive criticism. While it seems that only tribes that use tattoo as an art or right of passage, or sailors were the only ‘acceptable’ people to get a tattoo, inking is usually associated to prisoners or criminals. And to most countries, it’s seen as sign of rebellion.

But as time went by, the society has begun to consider tattooing as an art — an expression of feelings, and also widely used for cosmetics. Now anybody can get a tattoo, irregardless if you’re a sailor or an ‘irresponsible rebel’.

Photo Credit: Jon Schusteritsch
Photo Credit: Jon Schusteritsch

A picture of trust and assurance.

The following are very beautiful photos of tattooed parents holding their adorable kids. These images prove that getting a tattoo does not make you any less of a loving person.

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