Take a Closer Look at Henderson Island, the Most Polluted Place on Earth

Are you wondering where all of the plastic trash that we didn’t dispose properly, end up?

Here is Henderson Island, located in the Pitcairn Group in the South Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most remote places in the world. No one had ever lived in this island for about 600 years.

Image from EliteReaders

Dr. Jennifer Lavers is a researcher from the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antartic Studies. She conducted a study on 2015 about the amount of human debris on Henderson Island and she said that it has an average of 239 items of human origin per square meter.

Since no one had lived in this island, these trashes basically came from different parts of the world. These are proofs of how plastic pollution has seriously affect wildlife, marine habitats and us, humans. Purple hermit crabs are using plastic cosmetic containers for their shells. Sea turtles are entangled in different plastic debris like fishing lines and other plastic materials. It’s just very heartbreaking.

Image from TreeHugger

If you would look closer on these images, you would see that these rubbishes are everyday consumer items, single-use plastics that we use on regular basis. This is very awful that we became a huge part of this chaos.

We must take a stand and make a change to make things turn around. We might want to consider zero-waste lifestyle, if we don’t at least manage our plastic disposal, we may end up regretting.