Swimming 2 Kilometers to Go to Work is a German Man’s Way of Avoiding Everyday Traffic

Forty-year-old Benjamin David from Germany had enough of the usual city traffic gridlock and congested road. So, instead of the commuting daily to be able to report to his office, he decided to take an unconventional route—swimming through Isar River’s 2-kilometer-stretch from his home to his office.

Benjamin said that he prefers swimming because the traffic is so wild and he is much quicker and more relaxed this way.

Every morning, he packs his work clothes and wears a pair of swimming trunks or wet suit and pairs it with rubber sandals to protect his feet from rocks and other sharp materials from the river. He also brings with him a towel, a laptop, and his shoes using a waterproof bag, which he also used as a flotation device.

It usually takes him 30 minutes before he reaches his destination. He would then dry himself and change into work clothes.

David enjoys that his chosen way of transportation has an added benefit of an exercise. He, however, checks the water level and the temperature before taking a plunge and swimming away.

Image from BBC

The office worker would return his usual way of commuting to work on days that the weather is not so good.