Surgeons Remove 200 Stones from a Woman’s Gallbladder and Liver

A patient identified as Ms. Chen is a 45-year-old woman from China who had been experiencing abdominal pain for over a decade. She went to a hospital to get it examined to find out that she have several stones in her gallbladder and liver – that were causing her the pain. Her doctor advised her to have them removed but she was scared to undergo surgery.

But recently, she went to Guanji Hospital in Hezhou, China when she can’t bear the pain. She went over six and a half hours of surgery. Surgeons were able to remove unbelievable 200 stones from her gallbladder and liver that were from the size of gravel-like pebble to rocks the size of eggs.

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Dr. Quan Xuwei, one of the surgeons who performed Ms. Chen’s operation said that it was very unusual to have a large number of stones added to that; she said that it was probably caused by her eating habits.

Ms. Chen often skips her breakfast and ate leftover at irregular hours. This caused the bile to build up in her gallbladder following the high cholesterol and calcium levels which turned into stones. However, Dr. Xuwei’s theory was not supported by medical evidence.

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Gallstones were formed in the gallbladder, are tiny crystals usually made of cholesterol; liver stones are the same but formed in the liver. According to NHS, overweight women over the age of 40 are most likely to get gallstones. These stones can be avoided by losing weight and having a good diet.

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Whether Dr. Xuwei’s theory was proven true or not, we must take care of ourselves and eat breakfast because it is considered the most important meal of the day as it will recharge our glucose and provides other essential nutrients that will give energy throughout the day. Furthermore, skipping breakfast (or any meal) will make us tired, restless and irritable.