Supportive Dad Gets Tattoo in the Shape of Son’s Cancer Scar to Make the Boy Feel Confident

While Gabriel Marshall of Kansas, US, survived cancer, the surgery had left a huge, angry mark on his head. And since chemotherapy also cost him his hair, there’s nothing to cover that C-shaped cancer scar from brain surgery.

Of course, the boy and his family are very thankful that he is alive yet this does not erase the fact that the cancer scar is there.

As a sign of his great love for his son and to make the boy feel confident, daddy Josh “J-Mash” Marshall also shaved his head and got a permanent tattoo in the shape of Gabriel’s scar.

Photo credit: Bored Panda
Photo credit: Bored Panda

The now viral photo apparently first appeared on Aesthetic Revolution’s Instagram page. It came with the caption, “One’s a real scar. One is a tattoo to show support and make him feel normal. Father of the year?

Indeed, J-Mash is definitely one of the ultimate candidates for “Father of the Year”! What he did might not be a heroic as a dad who ran inside a burning house to save his children but daddy Josh’s actions still made him a hero in the eyes of his son and the rest of the world…