Stunning Wood and Iron Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

“I want to express the wood’s natural characteristics without adding my intentions.  I like to make the most out of the material’s inherent feeling. Little things add up to transmit a stronger power, greater energy. That is why I have quite a lot of large pieces.” – Jaehyo Lee

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Jaehyo Lee is a South Korean artist who uses wood and metal for his artworks. While he used to produce only biomorphic or quasi-geometric shapes, Lee’s sculptures now includes furnitures: a table and a couch for instance.  Lee creates intricately beautiful pieces which are luxuriously functional at the same time.  He makes sure to bring out the inner beauty of the material he use. He burns wood that serve as the sculptural ground and embed fresh woods or metals which are polished flat. The effects of this creative experiment are a different patterns that look astoundingly beautiful.

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