Student with No Laptop Earns Praise for Finding Way to Make Required ‘PowerPoint Presentation’

Have you noticed how there are a lot of teachers these days who require their students to do online research or make PowerPoint presentations even if they are still in their elementary levels and actually just studying in public schools?

It seems that many teachers assume that their students have access to computers and the internet – and many are quite correct in that assumption because lots of internet shops and even the so-called piso-net shops are available even at poor villages.

But what if a teacher requires a PowerPoint presentation and you don’t have a laptop, what would you do?

One student had this dilemma one day when a teacher required them to make PowerPoint presentations for their report. She had access to a computer but because she didn’t have a laptop and the teacher told them to find a way to solve their problem, she had the report printed out. Then, she posted these up on the board for her classmates to see.

Because the student also delivered the report well, despite not having a PowerPoint presentation as required, her impressed teacher posted her photo on Twitter.

“Teacher: Ready your report tomorrow, huh? Powerpoint.

Student: Yes, sir. Pero wala po akong laptop, sir.

T: Please find a way.

Next morning… Salute to this girl. I love you”

Photo credit: Twitter / @Ah_ahmazing

Are you impressed by this young lady’s determination? Definitely!

But while many admired the young lady for finding a way to solve her dilemma, many slammed the teacher for not lending the student his laptop.

The teacher further explained that this was a working student, which made her even more impressive.

She is a working student who needs to work 6 hours a day before going to class. I understand if she was not able to transfer her visual aids to a more appropriate paper for she has no time at all. Yet she delivered perfectly everything in her report, detail by detail,” he added.

But his explanation only angered netizens even more. Many were saying that knowing she was a working student, the teacher should have known better and lent her a laptop so she could still make her PowerPoint presentation without spending money on the print outs!

Do you agree?

Meanwhile, some netizens pointed out that the teacher should not have praised the student because her report was ‘wrong’; many urged him to teach his students who to make proper reports.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a working student or that she didn’t have the technology. The visual aid is not a visual aid, and you shouldn’t be promoting this kind of faulty student practice. Sometimes, working hard is not enough. You need to train your students to work smart,” one netizen pointed out.

“The general rule in class reporting is that you’re not supposed to put everything you’re going to say in your visual aid, whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation or a manila paper. If she did present this in a bigger paper for everyone to see, then we still have a problem.”