Street Kid Does a “Parkour” Over Parked Vehicles

A lot of us would usually take the time to walk around the city. Some consider it a form of exercise while others like to do it just to observe what is around them. A few people in a certain part of Central Luzon witnessed something that was not in anyone else’s daily routine.

Facebook user Dave Sicat took a video of an unusual activity while they were walking the streets in Angeles, Pampanga. A teenager who appears to be not in his right mind started climbing over the roof of a car after stepping on the hood of another.

Dave then started filming the reaction of other pedestrians who are just seeing the act and the teenager already jumped onto the roof of another parked vehicle. He then paused for a long time, and proceeded to jump onto the trunk of a car, almost falling over. Passers-by can be heard coaxing the teenager to “fly” and others said he was “doing parkour” over the vehicles.

As the teenager jumped onto the roof of yet another vehicle, little did anyone know that the owner was inside. The latter stepped out of the driver’s seat and started scolding the boy for being on top of his car.

The kid stayed at the roof despite the repeated scolding and instead was just staring down and he was either looking at the ground or just staring at nothing. A security guard tried to get involved to maintain peace and all the while, the kid started gearing up to jump once again.

The kid jumped but this time he missed his mark: The next car was small and was too far away, and he hit the side instead and dropped onto the pavement. He then dropped out of sight, looking like he either dropped something or he might have injured himself due to the bad hit that he got.

You can watch Dave’s video here:

Parkour ya pare hahaha

Posted by Dave Aron T. Sicat on Friday, March 8, 2019