Starbucks Cup-Naming Fails. #9 is Hilarious!

Have you ever wondered why Starbucks baristas don’t seem to get your name correctly? They probably heard you right but when you reach for your cup of frap, you’d either find a slight change in your name’s spelling OR they’ve given you a totally different name.

Whether they do it on purpose as a marketing strategy (which is quite effective considering all the social media posts about the misspelled names flaunting SB cups), or they’re just trying to mess up with you, or simply didn’t get your name, your new found ‘label’ can actually bring a smile to your face (or the opposite).

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Yep, her name is Kat.

Here are some of the misspelled names your Starbucks baristas have given a few people. Yours may be here, too. *giggle* (h/t: Huffington Post)
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