Star Image Opens a Search For the New “Xander Ford”

Star Image Artist Management has announced a new campaign to search for a new talent, and they are calling it “Project Xander Ford: The Deserving One.”

Star Image Artist Management has posted the announcement in their official Facebook page and they included the story of how Marlou Arizala was transformed to the “Xander Ford” persona and then what happened afterwards.

It all started when Marlou approached Star Image to ask for help with his career. The management, being convinced that he has the potential to change and make a name for himself, decided to sign him up and a plan was laid out to “transform” him, despite him being despised by netizens.

It was mentioned that the name “Xander Ford” was given by the owners of Star Image to show that Marlou will be a “transformed” person after everything that they will do to him. Star Image also lead the way for his physical changes.

When Xander Ford was first introduced, he was an overnight star and everyone thought he will take on a new path, but the instant fame that he received got into his head and he became more disrespectful.

The post then enumerated four issues while Marlou was known as Xander Ford, which included him shouting at marshalls and staff and they confirmed that he did hide from his managers when it was reported that he was missing.

Disciplinary actions were done and he was even enrolled in an institute that could help develop his personality, but he “is already a hopeless case.”

Marlou was already given an Indefinite Suspension and is not allowed to perform unless the suspension is lifted. Star Image mentioned that he is still under their management and any booking without their consent will be dealt with legally.

As of April 22, 2019, Star Image Artist Management is taking away the moniker “Xander Ford” from Marlou and has opened this new project so that they can give the name to a more deserving person.

You can read the post from Star Image Artist Management’s page here:

“PROJECT: XANDER FORD…A SUCCESSFUL FAILURE”The story started when Marlou Arizala, came to Star Image office and asked…

Posted by Star Image Artist Management on Monday, April 22, 2019