Stalker Instagram Follower Literally Follows Couple Around the World to Copy Their Photos!

A couple has literally changed the meaning of “follower” on Instagram after they followed a pair of travel bloggers around the world to actually copy their photos! But while imitation is often referred to as the highest form of flattery, Instagram couple and travelers Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris think this was just too much!

Bullen even felt a bit scared, believing that the other couple have become a ‘stalker’ – as the copycats, posting under the name diana_alexa,

even copy everything from the angle of the shot down to the arrangement of props to their clothes and various things that show the shots are not just a matter of coincidence.

After all, you can say that some of the shots just might be coincidence since many people tend to pose in a similar manner but if these people start posting shots from the same resort, wearing similar clothes, and doing the same pose as you did, you’d really freak out, too!

At first, you think it’s just a coincidence…

Photo credit: Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris / @diana_alexa - DesignTaxi
Photo credit: Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris / @diana_alexa – DesignTaxi

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