‘Spider-Man’ Spotted Riding a Bicycle

Spider-Man is a popular comic book character from Marvel. His story starts when Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, granting him powers to climb up walls with only his hands and feet, and his “Spider Sense,” which gives him the ability to know danger that is coming his way. He also invented his web shooters, which allowed him to shoot web from his hands. He is beloved by the people that he saves, and he is known as the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Now jump to Valenzuela City, and Facebook user Makei Chua spotted something interesting while traveling. Riding on the road ahead of them, they saw someone in a costume riding a bike. Upon seeing it closer, they saw that it was none other that Spider-Man! Or at least, someone wearing a Spider-Man costume.

Image Credit: Makei Chua/Facebook

Makei and the ones with him in the truck started taking a video and when their vehicle went alongside the costumed cyclist, they started talking to him. They first said, “Spidey! Come here!” The man in the Spider-Man costume saw them and he waved at them. They asked, “Where’s your web?” to which he answered, “I ran out!”

Image Credit: Makei Chua/Facebook

As they went on and left the man in the costume, they then remarked, “Even Spider-Man can run out of money.”

Upon checking further, the person behind the Spider-Man mask is also in Facebook and his name is Ronie Dizon. By checking out his page, it can be seen that he also lives in Bulacan and is a cyclist. He also wears a costume every now and then when he rides his bike. He also has other costumes, has he would wear a Batman costume on occasion. He donates blood during blood letting projects and he wears a costume while doing that as he wore the same Spider-Man costume to the latest one that he attended. He goes around wearing it just to give good vibes to the ones that see him and kids love him.

Image Credit: Ronie Dizon/Facebook

Watch Makei’s video of Spider-Man here:

Si spidey naubusan ng sapot. Hehe 😁

Posted by Makei Chua on Saturday, February 16, 2019