Son of Poor Jeepney Driver Becomes a Millionaire, Readily Shares Trade Secrets to Netizens

It might already be cliché but being poor is not really a hindrance to success. A lot of poor folks have risen above their financial situation to become business tycoons and multi-millionaires!

In the Philippines, another young man has proven the world that being the son of poor jeepney driver and a vendor is not an excuse to finding success in life.

Photo credit: YouTube / Money Growers PH

Now a successful stock trader handling a 7-digit portfolio, the young man who goes by the name ‘Akio’ readily tells his social media followers about his family background, not feeling ashamed of his poor roots – and that’s truly awesome!

What makes Akio a popular figure on social media is that he’s not even afraid to share his trade secrets with netizens, showing everyone various tutorials on how the stock market works and what they should expect once they start investing their money in stocks.

A lot of netizens were quite impressed with how Akio readily shares his knowledge to others, encouraging many to earn money in stock trading.

Photo credit: YouTube / Money Growers PH

But the road to success had been a really rough one for this stock trader.

Coming from a poor family, he had to find other ways to support himself financially even while he was still studying. So, he opened ‘Sugar Daddy’, a business offering food and beverages. He would also work at a local studio, becoming the head of filmmaking.

Upon learning about online brokerage firm COL Financial, Akio invested Php10,000 back in 2012 but didn’t really do much with his account.

Photo credit: YouTube / Money Growers PH

It was in 2014 when he began to take interest in stock trading. He sold his ‘Sugar Daddy’ business, investing Php100,000 on his stock account – but he lost nearly everything!

Not keen on giving up even after that loss, he decided to borrow Php400,000 to fund his account. His mother was against the idea – and she was actually right! Just like the Php100k, Akio also lost most of the money.

Photo credit: YouTube / Money Growers PH

The young trader could not understand why he lost his money, considering he had been following the advice and style of his idol, a veteran stock trader who goes by the handle ‘Zeefreaks’.

In a day, kumikita siya ng milyon sa loob ng isang stock. Sabi ko, darating yung araw, kaya ko rin ‘to,” Akio recalled.

Gusto kong i-replicate yung ginagawa niya, so nagte-trade ako ng mga stocks na hindi blue chip companies kasi yung mabilis gumalaw. So ginawa ko, invest ako doon, [pero] nasunog yung pera eventually.

It was a hard blow for Akio who now faces the problem of how he could pay the Php400k debt.

Instead of giving up, however, he went back to studying about stock trading. He began to form a personalized strategy that helped him minimize losses while helping him maximize his profits. This actually worked!

Thanks to his new strategy, and under the tutelage of his idol Zeefreaks, Akio was able to get back his lost capital. Two years after he lost his money, he has gained back everything that he lost – and got more!

He would soon double his capital. By 2017, he was handling a 7-digit portfolio. Aside from handling his own stock trades and also doing YouTube tutorial videos, Akio also handles capital from several friends.

What makes Akio truly inspiring is that he’s not in it for the money but also for the experience and the chance to learn something new. In exchange for growing their money, for example, he asks his investors to help him learn a new skill.

He’s a popular social media figure among stock traders, with people loving the way he can be so candid and fun despite the serious nature of stock trading. His humble beginnings are also well-known in this circle – and he gets much respect for being able to turn his life (and portfolio!) around, despite the circumstances he had been in…

Sources: Entrepreneur PH, YouTube / Money Growers PH