Some of the Most Moving Photos from a Crisis

Oftentimes, the popular saying goes, a trial brings out the true character of a person or that trials produce the real flavor of a person like when a teabag is placed in hot water. As the photos below show, the same saying can be applied to photos taken during times of crisis. Some of the most touching demonstrations of compassion are shown in times of grief or crisis. Browse through these photos that were fortunately captured and prepare to be moved.

Fangirl Moment

Ireland’s Six Nations winners visited some children at the Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

Players Brian O’Driscoll, Cian Healy, Ian Madigan and Jack McGrath visited and met the children as well as the staff. They happily signed autographs and posed for pictures with them.

Photo Credit: Newstalk Irish Examiner.

Through the Finish Line

In 2012, Meghan Vogel, a junior runner for West Liberty-Salem High School (West Liberty, Ohio), won the 1,600-meter title Saturday at the Division III girls state meet at Jesse Owens Stadium in Columbus but it wasn’t her achievement that gained her popularity.

It was when she picked up Arden McMath, a sophomore from Arlington High School, who collapsed in front of her with just about 20 meters to go. Vogel carried McMath across the finish line.

Photo Credit: CBS News

Over the Fences

Here is a famous photo of a family passing 2-year-old Agim Shala through the barbed wire fence into the hands of his grandparents at a camp in Albania. The family was reunited after running from Kosovo. This was taken in March 1999.

Photo Credit: National Public Radio (NPR)