Single Mom Quits Job, Earns $7K from Planting Chilies

Chilies are indeed ‘hot’ commodities, nowadays. Take your cue from this single mother from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who quit her day job to venture into chili business and never looked back.

When 38-year-old Nur Hashimah Mahmood learned that her friend was earning quite a lucrative amount from planting and harvesting rice chilies, she immediately decided to take a leap of faith. Despite having no business background, she resigned from the private company she is working for, and seriously considered venturing into the chili business.

With her family’s support, she followed a course on fertigation technique from the Kuala Langat Area Farmers Organization and rented a 1.2-hectare land at Bukit Pelanduk.

She invested RM 24,000 ($5,725) to buy her initial batch of 2,000 chili plants and added 4,000 more after some time.

According to her, she chose chilies because it is low-maintenance and the modern methods of cultivation and propagation do not require much effort.

Image from Harian Metro

She also added that she saw the results of her hard work after five to six months. Come harvest season, she gathered about five tons of chilies which amounted to RM30,000 ($7,156).

Now, the mother of two is expanding her business and looking at planting cucumber and melon rock to diversify crop types.

Nur said that she is excited to serve the land despite the heat and rain. Furthermore, she added that she does not want to look back because everything she does is for the survival of her family.

Source: my Metro