Silly Dog Photobombs Wedding, Goes Viral for Hilarious Photos

A lot of couples would certainly not be amused if someone photobombs their wedding photos but Angie Blumberg and Jayce Conway from Freeburg, Illinois absolutely loved their photobombed pictures!

Angie and Jayce, both 30, got married in Big Sky, Montana last July 28 after 5 years of being together.

The couple had been good friends while growing up; though they would later lose touch in college as they went to different schools. Some years later, however, they met again at a mutual friend’s wedding and would soon start dating.

Photo credit: Today / Angie Blumberg

When they finally decided to get married, Jayce joked that they should get his 6-year-old dog, Boone, as best man.

He’s a really well-trained dog. I planned for him to stand between me and my brother. Boone was technically the best man, but he couldn’t really give a speech so I thought I should give my brother a shot,” he jokingly told reporters.

While everyone in the procession walked down the aisle, he stayed in his spot, exactly where he was supposed to be until he saw Angie, and then he just couldn’t resist going over to say ‘Hi!’

Photo credit: Today / Angie Blumberg

But as the ceremony continued, Boone probably thought he was the star of the show. During the opening prayer, he walked to the center of open space between the altar and the guests.

And then during the ceremony he decided to walk to the middle and roll happily in the grass a few times,” Angie revealed.

Chris Davis, the couple’s friend who was covering the wedding, just couldn’t resist taking photos of the silly pooch’s antics.

Boone certainly loved the camera. He was in many photos during the wedding. But the one of him rolling on the grass during the ceremony was everyone’s favorite.

The picture quickly went viral, receiving over 50,000 shares on social media – but the bride and groom didn’t even know it went viral!

Photo credit: Today / Angie Blumberg

It turned out that there was no cellphone signal when the two went camping in Zion National Park in Utah; thus, they didn’t know that the picture had already been reshared many times.

We didn’t really know it went viral until recently. Last thing we knew, our friend, the photographer, texted us the photo on the night of our wedding and we were just dying laughing,” Jayce admitted.

Do you think this dog is adorable? Definitely!

Source: Today