Sidewalk Vendor Earns Praise for Tutoring Students; He Also Gives Them School Supplies

An elderly sidewalk vendor recently went viral for tutoring students, helping them learn their lessons and even providing them with school supplies during their sidewalk tutorial sessions.

Tatay Guillermo impressed netizens with his dedication, especially considering that he doesn’t have any obligation to teach these young kids anything.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jj Felipe Desanjose Faigmani

Netizen Jj Felipe Desanjose Faigmani shared Tatay Guillermo’s inspiring story on Facebook, admitting that he was rather curious as to why there were a lot of kids often hanging out every afternoon right by the vendor’s stall at the corner of Mapagmahal and EDSA, between Jac Liner and the former DILG Office, just in front of the yellow tricycle terminal for Pinyahan (Pinyahan TODA).

Photo credit: Facebook / Jj Felipe Desanjose Faigmani

Last Monday, out of curiosity, Felipe decided to discover what these kids were up to. He was really surprised to see that the kids were actually having a ‘quiz’ with Tatay Guillermo!

It turned out that the elderly vendor was fond of giving kids a lesson and helping them with their assignments. While he might just be a sidewalk vendor, Tatay Guillermo is an educator by heart.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jj Felipe Desanjose Faigmani

According to The Summit Express, Tatay Guillermo had attended seminars for educators at the University of the Philippines (UP) but these certificates were lost when a fire gutted his house a couple of years ago.

In the video, Tatay Guillermo could be seen giving the kids a spelling quiz. He patiently checked the kids’ papers and explained to them what the words in the quiz meant. He also made sure the kids can retain the lessons better.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jj Felipe Desanjose Faigmani

For his dedication to these kids, Tatay Guillermo earned praise from Felipe and many netizens.

Felipe also shared that Tatay Guillermo even provided the kids with the pencils and bond papers they used for the spelling quiz. At the end of his post, he encouraged those with extra time and resources to share their blessings to others, especially in this manner so the kids can live better lives.

Sources: The Summit ExpressFacebook / Jj Felipe Desanjose Faigmani