SHOCKING!!! 10 Transgender Women Who are Much Prettier Than Most Females

If you lived in the past and you are part of the LGBT family then you wouldn’t live a normal life.  People from back then can’t accept these people as they believe that god only created a man and a woman.  There are no third parties, so they are considered as an abomination.

transgender people
Image by Freeport News Network

However, things have changed in the last decades as more and more people have gotten a broad mind.  Gone are the days when the LGBT are treated as not equal; now, they have rights and they are protected by the law.  They have been given the rights to do whatever they want and when they want it. Of course, such rights do not include the illegal ones like killing and the use of drugs.

As society comes to accept the third party, more and more people have come out from their shells, expressing their love to one another (gay to gay, lesbian to lesbian).  Now, we are seeing a lot of people changing not only their clothes, but also their sexual orientation.

This list is about men that change their entire body to become women.  Here are the top 10: