Seaman and Seawoman: A Beautiful Love Story with a Heartbreaking Ending

They planned to sail the world together but the beautiful love story of a seaman and a seawoman had a heartbreaking ending when the young man lost his life on a bus ride home.

Whinslet Cainoy posted a heartbreaking tribute to late boyfriend Carl Kenneth Catapangan on Facebook page University Confession Files.

The young lovers had the same course, taking up BS Marine Engineering at the University of Makati (UMak) in Makati City. Carl was ahead by 2 years but the two got along well; they officially became a couple on September 30, 2017.

Photo credit: Whinslet Cainoy / Facebook

Both young and enthusiastic, the two had a lot of dreams together. They both want to become full-fledged seafarers, not just to earn money for their family but to also fulfill their dream of sailing the world.

Little did they know that this dream would be shattered just a month past their first anniversary.

Carl had already graduated and was working hard in order to be able to fulfill their shared dream. At the same time, though, he began to complain of experiencing pain in his heart. While this alarmed Whinslet who urged him to get an ECG and see a doctor, the young man didn’t think it was something serious. Besides, it didn’t really hurt that much and seeing a doctor was just an added expense.

On October 31, 2018, Carl went out of the office at 8:30PM and proceeded to Buendia Terminal to take a bus ride home to Lucena City but there were so many passengers for UNDAS that he was only able to ride a bus some 3 hours later!

Di kasi ikaw sumama. Wala tuloy nagaalaga sakin,” Carl texted Whinslet whose heart broke at the message, knowing that her boyfriend really needed her the most at that moment.

After a while, Carl messaged her that he would already go to sleep as he was feeling tired. Little did she know this would be his last message to her.

Photo credit: Whinslet Cainoy / Facebook

Goodnight Moshie ko na yan. Miss na miss na kita. Magiingat ka po palagi. Patawarin mo ko sa mga pagkukulang ko sayo. Mahal na mahal kita. God bless,” he wrote.

In the early hours of dawn, nearby passengers could hear Carl moaning in his sleep, obviously having a ‘bangungot’ (sleep paralysis) but they couldn’t wake him up. The bus driver rushed him to the hospital, arriving at the ER of United Doctors Hospital Candelaria at 3:15 AM but he was gone at 4:30 AM.

A bewildered Whinslet woke up later that morning to the bad news, something that came at the most ironic moment – it was her birthday! It was the most heartbreaking, unforgettable birthday one could ever imagine.

His passing meant they could no longer fulfill their dream together but Whinslet vowed to make sure she would live their dream of one day sailing the seas.

Photo credit: Whinslet Cainoy / Facebook

ILOVEYOU SO MUCH moshie ko na yan. Salamat sa pagaalaga, pagdamay, pag gabay saakin lalo na sa pagmamahal na walang hinihinging kapalit. Lalo na sa masasayang araw na pinagsamahan natin kahit isang taon lang. Hihintayin kita mahal kong moshie. Kung magmamahal man ako ulit gusto ko ikaw pa din. Kaya tatandaan ko ung sinabi mo saakin na “kapag tayo, tayo talaga”

Paalam na aking Carl Kenneth Catapangan.

Bantayan mo ko lagi ha. Ako na tutupad sa mga pangarap mo. Di man kita makakasama sa pagbabarko ay kasama naman kita sa bawat paglalayag ko.

The tribute broke a lot of netizens’ hearts but many are rooting for Whinslet to stay strong and fulfill their broken dream…

Source: University Confession Files / Facebook