12 Of The Saddest Places On Earth For The Loneliest People

It is not always that people are in a blissful state: happy, contented, and loved. Sometimes you feel down, discouraged, or sad too. It is not all the time that you experience such unfortunate condition, but there are times when everything seem so uncertain, and all you want is to find a place where you can bury yourself with despair and sadness, alone.

An Instagram account called Sad Topographies tracks the saddest place names on Earth which says ‘some place to go, when you’re feeling low’. Names like Sorrow Islands, Sad Road, and Hopeless Pass are just some of the few name places where you’d want to consider brooding over too much misery and disappointment.

Photo Credit: distractify
Photo Credit: distractify

Point No Point, Hansville, US

Here are 12 place names of our favorite sad topographies.
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