Rich Widow Leaves Her Two Cats An Inheritance of $300,000

Other than dogs, people love keeping cats not only as pets but also as a part of the family. We treat them the same as how we treat our other family members.

However, this case will surely surprise and feel jealous.

The Last Will

Ellen Frey-Wouters, who died at the age of 88, left a whopping inheritance of $300,000 to get two cats, Tiger and Troy, in her last will and testament. Frey-Wouters, a native of Netherlands and an author, passed away in 2015. She made special provisions for her pets and added that the two would never be caged.

Frey-Wouters has no immediate family to pass her money to. Her husband, a professor in Brooklyn College, died in 1989 while her only child died in infancy.

Two Rich Felines

The two rich cats are now properly taken care of. The widow’s former home health aide, Dahlia Grizzle, is now Tiger’s caretaker.

The cats were like her babies. He deserves it. He’s a wonderful cat.

Tiger, who was a former alley cat, now sleeps on a bed made of faux fur and silk lining. He also eats filet-mignon-flavored Fancy Feast.

The lawyer of Frey-Wouters, Irwin Fingerit, was also surprised that the widow decided to leave such a large sum of money to her pets.

I said, I don’t think, you know, $300,000 was necessary, and I pointed out the case of the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, who left $65,000 to a dog and became sort of a laughingstock.

She wanted to make sure that they (cats) were taken care of.

The other cat, Troy, is now living with Rita Pohila, one of the widow’s former health aides. She also received $50,000 bequest from Frey-Wouters.

Whatever is left of their trust fund will go to the widow’s sister in Netherlands, the only living family member. The rest of her estate, valued $3 million, was split between the lawyer, her two home health aides, and charities.

If the cats die, what do you think will happen? Such lucky pets!