Real-Life Fairy tale-Like Castles Actually Exist All Over the World

Although castles were brought to fame from fairy tales or legends or myths, it is wonderfully surprising to know that there are actual castles that inspired writers. On this list are some of the real life castles that the setting of our favorite legends or fairy tales could have possibly come from.

Castles are just magical and beautiful with their size and architectural features. Although storybooks are filled with them, we can have travel logs filled with them too. Browse through these photos and pick the ones which you would like to visit to reenact scenes from your favorite tales.

Alcazar of Segovia – Spain

Alcázar is one of Spain’s most famous castles which was initially built to be an Arab fort but has served as a royal palace, a state prison, a Royal Artillery College, and a military academy already as well.

Photo credit: Touropia
Photo credit: Touropia

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