Random Act of Kindness from a Japanese Student Frees a Little Girl from Horrors of Child Abuse

Yuto Morita, a 19-year-old student from Kwansei Gakuin University, was on his way home after his class ended on a relentlessly rainy day. As he exits the train station, he noticed a 12-year-old girl shielding herself from the storm by stationing in a store.

He offered to share his umbrella with the young lady and walk her home, but the girl refused, as she had no intention to go back home.

As he makes his way home, Yuto noticed that the girl is following her. She took the girl to his house and asked a female classmate to come over and help him in his situation. Eventually, they found out that the girl is suffering physical abuse from her father. According to the girl, her father would hit her whenever he sees her. There was even a time when her father punched her in the face with so much force that she had to wear a surgical mask as the wound is healing.

As soon as the girl was comfortable enough, Yuto and his classmate brought her to the police station.

The girl is now in the protective custody of the Hyogo Prefecture Police.

Image from Asiancrush

Yuto received a letter of appreciation and acclaim from the Tarazuka Police Department—a great compliment for him considering that he plans to become a police officer himself.

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