Puppy Dies after Vets Turned His Owner Away Since He Has No Money for Treatment

Podge Sweeney, a father from Liverpool, took to Facebook his frustrations after his daughter’s pet dog died in his arms because, apparently, he does not enough money to pay for its treatment.

According to Podge, he brought the puppy at a branch of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals but they asked him to pay £119 ($155) for them to treat the dog or £80 ($104) for them to examine his pet. However, Podge only had £35 ($45) in his pocket so they were turned away.

He kept buzzing but they were still left outside the clinic until the dog died in his arms.

Image from the Facebook Account of Podge Sweeney

A spokesperson from the PDSA said that they are aware of the extremely sad case and they have extended their sympathies to Podge and his daughter. However, they assured the public that pet owners with a pet who needs emergency care are always offered to be seen and will be provided with emergency treatment.

They are now conducting their own investigation and currently gathering facts about the incident by checking their call logs and speaking with the vet team members on duty on the day Podge was referring to. The PDSA is also trying to contact Podge for more information.

Source:  Mirror