Psychic Pinay Woman ‘Foresees’ Accident Involving Students Riding a White Van

Would you believe that there are people who have the ability to ‘see’ the future and experience events even before they happen?

While such is a rather sensitive topic that’s a subject of lengthy debates, there are some people who appear to ‘prove’ that this is for real.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

Early this year, Rasha Mae Sarne-Baena from Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental in central Philippines went viral for making predictions that came true in Mindanao. She was featured on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho after which she gained more followers on her social media accounts as she creates eerie predictions, a number of which had already come true.

Rasha often posts her predictions on social media. She often does not get the date right, yet the events she described are so similar to real-life events that many believe she’s the real deal.

Photo credit: Rasha Mae Sarne-Baena / Facebook

On February 22, Rasha posted a warning against groups who are planning to go a trip on board a white van.

Photo credit: Rasha Mae Sarne-Baena / Facebook

She shared that she had a feeling the group would be near a school or had come from a school when the accident would happen; thus, she warned students against joining field trips. She even shared the prediction to a group from La Salle University Ozamis, but the students there were able to go home safe and sound after the field trip.

Napanaginipan ko ito last Thursday, Feb 21.

Nakasaad sa panaginip ko:

Galing ang group sa isang paaralan kase kita ko pa my Philippine flag doon sa paaralan nla, na nag paplano ma mag fieldtrip papuntang probinsya …okay naman yung pagka alis nila pero nong papalit na sa daanan don na nangyare ang disgrasya.

Para nga din ako nakasakay nun sa back seat ng van, saka on ko pa ang air-con ng van kase mainit saka sinsabihan ko pa cla na wag nalang kayu umalis o ipagliban muna pero ni isa sa kanila hndi nila ako nakikita o napapansin man lang. 😭 so wala ako magawa pagkagising ko pa nga sobrang sakit ng katawan ko na para ako binugbog.. Daming pagod para akong nag aastral sa future.

While nothing happened on February 22, the local community woke up to heartbreaking news of a white van’s accident that claimed five students’ lives and that of one adult passenger on March 1, exactly a week later.

Photo credit: Rasha Mae Sarne-Baena / FacebookThe students, including a pair of twins, are from Basay National High School. They were on their way home to Basay, 120 km away from Dumaguete City, when they met the accident at Brgy. Mayabon in Zamboanguita located some 30 km from Dumaguete.

Photo credit: Rasha Mae Sarne-Baena / Facebook

The driver of the white van had lost control of the vehicle while it tried to overtake another vehicle at a curved part of the road which was slippery at the time due to heavy rains. The van slammed sideways at a cargo truck that had come to halt on the highway after its driver saw the smaller vehicle careening towards it.

While the van’s driver survived, six of his passengers perished – including five students. Others are still in critical condition at hospitals in Dumaguete City.

Photo credit: Rasha Mae Sarne-Baena / Facebook

The group was known as the Basay NHS Mathsayaw Dancers — and they won the competition they had joined at Cebu City! Those who perished in the accident were idenfiteid as Grade 11 students Christian Buenconsejo, Joshua Busmeon, twin sisters Cherry Ann and Cherry Rose Cadusale, and Grade 7 student Kevin Aguilar.

Photo credit: Kenneth Jhun Pfleider / Go Fund Me

Many blamed the driver and his company for the accident, especially because photos of the vehicle showed that its wheels looked rather smooth. Netizens blamed the smooth wheels as the main factor why the driver lost control of the vehicle in that slippery road.

But many felt that Rasha had made the correct prediction and that she was really able to ‘foresee’ the accident. Others hoped that she could make accurate predictions regarding dates and locations of where her predictions would happen so that she could give better warnings to people.

Photo credit: Rasha Mae Sarne-Baena / Facebook

While there remain a lot of skeptics who believe this was just a matter of coincidence, especially considering most vans for hire in the Philippines are white in color, a lot of her fans believe she really made the correct prediction despite the date being wrong…

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