Poor Kid Hides from Classmates as He Eats Toyo and Vinegar for Lunch

In life, there are many times when we feel like giving up because we face so many problems that we no longer know how to deal with. We often forget that despite the difficult situations we are in, there are still others with worse fates than us.

We just have to learn how to deal with the challenges we face in life.

Photo credit: Fhieljoy Curiba / Facebook

Just like this kid from Butuan City in southern Philippines. Coming from a poor family, the kid did not have a lot of resources and could only eat toyo (soy sauce) and vinegar for lunch because that’s the only thing he could afford to buy with his money.

The boy was spotted by netizen Fhieljoy Curiba eating by the roadside on a school day. Seemingly ashamed that the food he was eating was not the same as those eaten by his classmates, the poor kid took his lunch outside the school and simply ate by the road.

Taking pity on the child, Curiba tried to ask for his name and where he lives but the kid refused to answer his questions and kept his head down, feeling embarrassed that someone had seen him eating soy sauce and vinegar for lunch.

Photo credit: Fhieljoy Curiba / Facebook

According to Curiba, while he was not able to ask the kid’s name, he was able to deduce that the boy studies at San Mateo Elementary School in Tungao, Butuan City.

While Curiba tried to find a store so he could buy the kid some other food, there was none nearby; thus, he plans on just bringing food the next time he passes by this road so he could give it to the kid, if the child still comes back to that spot for lunch.

Many people hoped that the kid would find the help he needed so he could have food every day. Others said that they hope the kid would not quit school just because he had nothing to eat; so that he would have a better future.