Playing Mobile Games While Sitting for Hours Led to Damaged Spine for a Chinese Man

Most of us spend hours on our mobile phones playing games, browsing on social networking sites, or just plainly going through the gadget. This habit has some serious effect on our bodies and a man from Jiangsu, China learned it the hard way.

The 39-year-old man who goes by the surname Li spends most of his day glued on his mobile phone and only puts it down when it is time for him to go to sleep. However, he used to do things on his mobile while he is seated in a terrible position that compromises his spine.

Image from Guang Ming Daily

He woke up one day finding it difficult to breathe so he wasted no time and sought medical treatment. Doctors found out that his spinal cord has been damaged and stressed, which was a result of his prolonged lousy posture.

What’s worse was that this prolonged bad posture caused him to suffer from a herniated disc in his spine and heavily compressed spinal nerves. According to his doctor, it was good that he was able to discover this problem earlier. Otherwise, he might become paralyzed.

Image from Guang Ming Daily

Cai Sang, the Director of Neurosurgery Department at the 904th Hospital of the People’ Liberation Army, reminded people to be mindful of their posture when using their mobile phones. Dipping one’s head lower than 60 degrees puts pressure on the cervical vertebrae that are almost equivalent to putting something that weighs 27 kilos on the neck and the spine.

He also recommended that the phone should be held at the eye level so the head would not have to bend low and to adjust the brightness level of the gadget at night so the eyes would not be too fatigued.

Source: World of Buzz