Pinay in Hong Kong Refuses to Pay for Pedicure Service by another Pinay, Calls Police to Report Her

We hear so many cases of unfair treatment received by Filipinos from foreigners in many parts of the world, most especially if they are working as domestic helpers and other jobs that people might see as ‘lowly’.

Sadly, there are also times when the unfair treatment comes from fellow Filipinos.

Take for example this video shared on Facebook by a Filipina who works in Hong Kong. In the clip, a woman could be seen calling someone on the phone.

Photo credit: All About Pinas / Facebook

It turned out that she was calling the cops to complain about a fellow Filipina who was trying to make her pay for the pedicure service she (the woman on the phone) received! Can you believe that? This woman received pedicure service from a fellow Pinay but instead of paying up, she calls the cop on the pedicurist!

The woman has drawn flak from the Filipino community and did receive jeers at the time she called the cops on the pedicurist.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman had been hanging out with other Filipinas in the area and received the services of the pedicurist. Afterwards, though, she tried haggling for the price and wanted to pay much lower than the other woman’s standard charge.

Photo credit: All About Pinas / Facebook

When the pedicurist insisted on charging her usual rate, the woman got angry and walked off. Then, she loudly called the cops on the pedicurist. In turn, the other women who witnessed her ‘tantrums’ jeered at her and urged her to pay up but she just walked away and continued to talk on the phone.

Many netizens believe the woman didn’t actually had the money to pay the pedicurist and was not also talking to real cops on the phone but was just pretending to do it so she can get away with not paying for the service.

Do you agree? Watch the video here: