Pictures of Old Man Living in Wooden Box Get Posted Online; Internet Reacts

We are thankful for the things that we might be taking for granted in our lives. We might think that what we have right now is not enough, but it may be a life of luxury for others. You won’t know what you got until it’s gone. A certain post in Facebook may just remind you of it.

Facebook user Xylenejoy Siarot posted a few pictures of an old man that appears to be living in a small wooden box. The box has plywood for walls and rice sacks at the front and rear of it, which acts as curtains so that he can still have cover.

The box appears to be at least 5 feet in length, 2 feet in width, and almost 3 feet in height. The box is just long enough for the old man to lie down if he will sleep. The top of the box has a piece of metal roofing that prevents water from seeping in when it rains.

Looking further into the pictures, it looks like the old man is living beside the road, with no neighbors nearby. He also appears to not own any additional clothes, as it looks like he isn’t even wearing a pair of shorts in the pictures.

Xylenejoy posted the pictures with the hope of giving help to the old man through social media. As of this writing, the post has reached around 17,000 reactions, 19,000 comments, and was shared 104,000 times. Xylenejoy was also hoping that her post would reach a popular TV show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, that is known to help those that are in need.

The comments section tried to tag the Facebook page of the said TV show and has used the hashtag that was associated with it, #KMJS. Reading further, some people in the comments kept asking where the old man was located, which is a detail that was not immediately noted.

There was a previous post of hers with the same pictures where she gave the address Baranggay Tominobo, Baryo Tabay #2, Iligan City.

She also said in a separate post that she knows the man doesn’t have a wife, but they don’t know what his name is.

Others said the photo uploader should have helped the old man instead of taking a picture and posting it in social media.

You can read Xylenejoy’s post here:

Tay sana matolungan ka sa KMJS.napost nakita tay hintayin mo lang baka puntahan ka dyan.GOD BLESS TATAY.

Posted by Xylenejoy Siarot on Tuesday, March 12, 2019