Photos of Hot Men and Irresistibly Charming Cats Doing The Same Pose Is Hilarious

As much as ladies (and some men) love to see gorgeous and sexy men, some also enjoy looking at.. well.. charming cats. Do they have anything in common? They are both adorable. Des Hommes et Des Chatons (Men and Cats) is a blog in tumbler that features hot men and cute kittens striking similar poses – thus confuse the viewers on which photo they’d love to look at.

Whether it’s a guy’s sexy pose, his drinking of coffee, or making faces, the featured kittens are all ready to prove giggling and shrieking girls (and some boys) that they can be head-turners too.

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Hotness overload. Meow!

Here are 12 juxtaposed photos of the hottest men, and cutest kittens. I bet your hearts would melt.

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