Photos Of Drunk People Who Should Never Drink Again

It is totally normal for people to get drunk at one point in their lives. While ‘drinking in moderation’ is always advised to teens, adults, and anybody who wants to drink, there are moments when you want to get totally intoxicated: to celebrate a big achievement, to grieve for a lost relationship, or just to party hard.

It’s okay. It’s normal. People get drunk, do embarrassing things, black out, and then move on – after the hang over that is. It is normal, yes, when it happens once. And then you learn and never do the same mistake again when you see your photo the day after. (Lol!)

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When you badly needed to spew but don’t have the energy to even stand on your feet. ROTFL.

The next photos are of people who got so wasted they inadvertently made memorable drunken fails that will make your tummy hurt.

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