PHOTOS: Celebrity Moms/Dads and Their Look-Alike Offspring… It’s Like Seeing Double! You’ll Be Surprised with #5

Many of us look a lot like one of our parents or some other close (or even distant!) relative – and it is always a lot of fun to see side-by-side photos of the look-alike relatives.

Well, celebrities also have children or parents who look so much like them that seeing them together is akin to watching twins in action or even seeing double! Depending on the age gap and how the parents have aged, you might see these offspring as the younger version of their parents but for those eternally youthful parents, their kids might even be mistaken for their twin!

Check out some of these celebrities and their look-alike offspring. Aren’t they all amazing?

Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks

Colin looks like a younger version of his dad!

Photo credit: Virality Today
Photo credit: Virality Today

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