Photographer Tracks Down People He Took Pictures of 30 Years Ago, Creates Striking Comparison Photos

Back in the 70s and 80s, well-known street photographer Chris Porsz took photos of people in England, particularly in Peterborough where you can see eye-catching images of what the youth of that generation did at the time.

You’ll find lovers and the romantics, adventure seekers, punks, rebels, etc.

But what has happened to all those people? Did they stay as romantics and adventure seekers? Of course, they would have grown older as Porsz had taken their photos some 30 years ago but how do they look now?

We’re as interested as Porsz to find out!

What he did was track these people to see how they are now and try to recreate the moment from the past… the results are striking! He’s now selling a book entitled “Reunions” featuring 135 photos. Here are some of the photos featured on the book:

Dog and Tina, 1985 and 2015

Photo credit: Chris Porsz

Dog and Tina were punks Chris photographed near a cathedral in Peterborough. The two would later leave the city to travel; they had twins. The two are no longer together but remain friends.

Tina recalled, “I remember the photo being taken, it was a brilliant time. I had various styles of punk hair for quite a few years.

They were good times, I still had hair then,” Dog added.

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