Part 2 – More Filipino Stores and Shops with Clever Names… ROFL at #16!

If you had a good laugh at our previous article, “21 Filipino Stores with Clever Names… They’re Named by Absolute Geniuses!”, then you’ll absolutely love this sequel!

We share with you more Filipino stores and shops with clever names which have surely attracted more customers to their business establishment than if they had boring, ordinary names. We’re not against those businesses with ‘regular’ names, of course, but we can’t help but appreciate the clever minds of those who have thought about making their business names more fun and easier to remember.

I bet you’ve seen plenty of these stores in your neighborhood. Don’t forget to share your photos with us! We’ll try to feature them on our next articles…

You can now officially claim “I can’t go. I have to Obeertime!” Just make sure to pronounce it as “overtime”…

Photo credit: Facebook/Obeertime Since 1993
Photo credit: Facebook/Obeertime Since 1993

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