Parents Reward Son with Money Equal to Sum of His Final Grades

Do you reward your kids for getting good grades or for good behavior or for something they did well?

A lot of parents reward their children for a job well done, so that they will perform better next time. The reward system often depends on the achievement and the parents’ financial capacity, but many give money or treat the kids to something they want for these achievements.

Most parents base their rewards on the overall average of the kid on his/her report card, yet others use the individual grades as basis. More often than not, they would set the rules before the school year starts – and the rewards are reaped when the report cards are in.

But how do you reward your kids?

For parents Mark Piquero and Mary Joy Piquero, their reward for their son’s hard work in school comes in the form of money that is equal to the sum of his final grades. Recently, the kid got a total of 1,086 on his report card; thus, the couple gave him Php1,086 he could spend on anything he likes. Now that’s quite exciting, right?

Photo credit: Mary Joy Piquero / Facebook

Mary Joy shared a photo of her son’s report card and his reward, sharing that she was proud of his grades.

“Kuya: compute-in mo lahat ng grade mo sa final grade

*lumabas 1,086*

Thankkk Youu kuyaaaa luuvvyouuu”

Excellent idea to reward the kids for their hard work and determination in school? Many netizens think so, too! A lot of students even tagged their parents on the post, making this go viral.

As of press time, the post has received over 47k comments and 126k shares – and many students are hoping this will be a common reward for them to receive from their parents. Do you agree?

Source: Mary Joy Piquero / Facebook